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SEVEN is an harmonic glow show performed by using programmable hightech LED-Clubs. While it starts calmly, the show suddenly develops into an epic mixture of breathtaking skill and light programming at its finest.

Watch the clubs change colours perfectly timed to the music and a unique 5 club final in the end which makes the show unforgettable.

               Duration: 5 minutes

In the brand new stage show “Visualize”, Luca Pferdmenges and Jan Daumin combine artistic highest level juggling with a creative and a diverting act. The show is composed of different unique elements and can therefore be individualized for your event and your wishes. It features everything from programmed equipment to minimal movements and extracts of modern dance.

“Visualize” can be performed with live vocals. 


New Duo Show 2019

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New Solo Show 2019

Originally created for the “Double Tap Live Finale”, a social media event in Milan, this show features the latest internet trends. The feedback on the first performance was so overwhelming that Luca decided to offer it to other events as well. It is for sure the most energetic and positive act on this list. From “Barbie Girl” to Fortnite dances, Luca has it all. The show is ideal if your event needs a fresh and funny breeze.

– Good vibes guaranteed!

Duration: 9 minutes

Kangaroo meets Juggling Ball

(for children)

Duration: 10 minutes

A kangaroo jumps onto the stage, presenting all the things it

finds in its pouch: Juggling Balls!

Kangaroo meets Juggling Ball is a humorous show, combining technical juggling with nerdy sound effects, which gives it an entertaining factor especially for kids.

In the show, balls clubs and rings are juggled.   

Shining in the Dark

Perfection is key here. In this duo show, each throw and catch is planned and can not be changed. That means, every single club is individually programmed and will shine in perfect harmony to the music and choreography. Therefore, it must be almost completely dark on stage. You will not believe how precise juggling can be, unless you witness this act with your own eyes.  

Duration: 9 minutes

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