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Luca is a passionate traveller and has been to over 60 countries. His interest in geography has not only brought him around the world, it also made him study languages. In fact, Luca speaks German, English, French, Hebrew and Spanish. In addition to that, he currently learns Indonesian and Arabic. Lucas goal is to highlight the kindness of humans from all over the globe, to tackle prejudices and hate. Sometimes he travels for performances to different countries, sometimes just for fun. In 2018, Luca Pferdmenges and Jan Daumin launched a new German YouTube series called "Blumen der Blamage". The duo travels to different countries and they set each other challenges. The funny thing is, that only one of them knows the next destination. The one who did not plan the journey, sometimes just gets to know the next stop right before boarding the plane.

Luca is always up for meeting new people, so if you are interested in showing him around, just leave him a message on Instagram! You will now have an overview on the places Luca has been to. The higher the country is listed, the more recent was the first trip there. 

“My passion has brought me to

over 60 countries”

–Luca Pferdmenges, passionate traveller

60. Iran

59. Azerbaijan

58. Georgia

57. Czechia

56. Uzbekistan

55. Kazakhstan

54. China

53. Mexico

52. Belize

51. Guatemala

50. El Salvador

49. Honduras

48. Nicaragua

47. Costa Rica

46. Panama

45. USA

44. Brazil

43. Portugal

42. Luxembourg

41. Ireland

40. Serbia 

39. Greece

38. Spain

37. Switzerland

No pictures for Switzerland :( 

Working on it.

36. Monaco

35. Antigua & Barbuda

Blumen der Blamage – Antigua & Barbuda

34. Barbados

33. Dominica

32. Seychelles 

Blumen der Blamage – Seychelles

breaking a juggling world record in the transit lounge

31. India

30. Maldives

29. Malaysia

28. Cambodia

27. Singapore

26. Indonesia

25. Philippines

24. Norway

23. Iceland

22. Latvia

21. Lithuania

20. Morocco

Blumen der Blamage – Morocco #1

Blumen der Blamage – Morocco #2

19. Israel / Palestine 

18. United Arab Emirates

17. Turkey

16. United Kingdom

15. Malta

14. Sweden

13. Bulgaria

12. Romania

11. Hungary

10. Slovakia

9. Croatia

8. Slovenia

7. Poland

6. France

5. Italy

4. Austria

3. Belgium

Blumen der Blamage – Belgium

2. The Netherlands

1. Germany

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