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I am a 16-year-old german juggler, living in Mönchengladbach.



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"Richtig coole Nummer, Respekt!"


Felix Neureuther, Superkids 2016


"Das war richtig geil"


Henning Wehland, Superkids 2016

"Man denkt immer, Jonglieren das hat man oft gesehen, aber wenn man so leidenschaftlich eine Sache anpackt wie Luca das macht, dann wird man einfach die Nummer 1!"


Michelle Hunziker, Superkids 2016

"Seemingly impossible"


Overtime, via Twitter



  • 9th of December 2017 : ComicCon in Dortmund




"Er kann was, was die wenigsten Männer können.



Wayne Carpendale, Superkids 2016

Superkids 2016

An amazing experience



In 2016, I performed in the final episode of the German Tv show "Superkids" in which young talented kids from all around the world show what they can do.

More than 1.5 million people watched the performance on TV.

In the show I met Michelle Hunziker, Felix Neureuther, Wayne Carpendale, Henning Wehland, as well as many many talented kids.


Watch my performance

Julia Beautx


In 2016, I filmed two videos together with Julia Beautx who is a German beauty-YouTuber with more than a million subscribers.


The first video being an announcement for the show "Superkids", the second video was a beauty-quiz in which I had to guess the function of different styling products.


Call me: +49 2166/1465470

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